Painting of The North Star Condominium: 762 Park Road NW


S2 Development is a residential real estate development company based in Washington, DC, who specializes in multifamily and mixed-use development. We pride ourselves on creating beautiful, innovative, and timeless residences that contribute to the streetscape of DC. Our goal is to combine creative design with high quality workmanship to deliver lasting value to our customers. 


We develop and build homes we want to live in. We use high quality materials, finishes, and construction methods to create extraordinary houses, apartments, and condominiums. We are passionate about our work. When you walk into an S2 building, it is a finished product. We go the extra mile to add every last detail. 


We care about transforming DC for the better. We look to improve neighborhoods by finding underutilized properties and transforming them into magnificent condominium and mixed-used buildings. Whether it is meticulously preserving a beautiful historic property or invigorating a community through urban infill development, our projects help shape the landscape of Washington, D.C.